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Seducing Your Daddd LOL

  • Seducing Your Daddd LOL

    This Clip was a TOP5 Seller in my Studio's for MONTHS Orignally $20.99 over 18 minutes long of cruel Masturbation Mind Fuckery!

    REQUEST: FANTASY OLDER MAN YOUNGER WOMAN PLAY OVER 18 Minutes LONG...your son has been missing so much school lately, rumors are going around that he has chicken pokes or something...Gross. His Momm called the school and asked a classmate to bring home his missed assignments and projects. I was giving the task of bringing it over since his house is on the way from my school bus stop. We both go to a Catholic school so school work is important and never good to fall behind. I stop and get myself my favorite slushy on the way, I know I am still early but I am not at all concerned...Someone is Bound to be home...and what do you know when I knock on the door none other then YOU, my dorky friend's Dadd. I ask if I may come in and if it is ok to call you by your first name or should I stick with Mr....to be respectful to Adults.I am very young and hot, my body is coming along so nicely, even in my button down top you can see my full ample breast just wanting to bust out. We sit down and begin to talk, I can see you are attracted me, in fact I have known about your little Perverted crush for sometime now...You are old enough to be my Dadd...and you could be in a lot of trouble for even spending time alone with me...yes I continue to push your boundaries using my vixen ways. How can someone so young and seemingly sweet be so powerful and intoxicating? I see the bulge growing in your pants as I cross and uncross my legs showing you peeks of my satin thong panties I suggest we play a game you are very hesitant, we shouldn't be doing this, it isn't right You remind me of your age and how you are close friends with my Dadd and golf often with him. I coyly giggle and smile as I unbutton the top bottom of my blouse, I don't care I want to have some fun...WITH YOU. I suggest we play a game. A truth game every time your answer is TRUE I will undo s button. I begin to question your attraction to me, your dirty lust for my young body, I ask if you watch me when I hang out with your son, getting aroused when I bend over or jump around playing wii.Each question leads to more TRUES and my blouse becomes totally open I maybe young but I have already learned that I have a very very strong Power that No man can fight young or old....I tease you with my Beautiful body and slip off my panties, swaying them back and forth before your face you begin to slip into my trans...ready to follow all my commands and demands. You need this tease you want it. I encourage you to touch yourself as I know you are completely addicted and can't help yourself...you begin to masturbate under my hypnotic control following my every word as if it is the last...I will become your only desire, the only thing that makes you hard or gets you to come...You wife will be a thing of the past as you obsess over me day and night...once I finally count you down and let you cum the real fun begins as I remind you of how young I am and how much trouble you are in...No one would ever be leave a young teeen could or would seduce some dorky old dad when I could have my pick of the football team...no your wife, family, boss, and friends will all believe you are some kind of pervert freak. You will be ruined, I know you want me to keep your secret and even more you want to remain under my masturbation control through the spell I have put on you...I suggest you acknowledge you aren't just a Dadd anymore...no you are now my Sugar dadddy too! These games will only get deeper and more twisted as your desire for my young beautiful body and control consumes your life!

    This clip contains seductions, control, tease & deny, orgasm control, masturbation instruction, JOI, fantasy play, Older man Younger woman, barely legal, hypnotic play, countdown, orgasm control, strip tease, ass worship, tit worship, goddess worship, Femdom POV, and Financial Domination

    Don't miss this amazing clip! It will blow your MIND and your LOAD! If it is a BIG hit I will make it a Series!

    Sexxybrandon@gmail.com Call me pets Lets play some Games of our own.

    I love Role Play and Hypnotic Control http:///listings/show/9514297

    Video Info

    • Price: $9.99
    • Filesize: 326.6 MB
    • Length: 18:15
    • Created: 11/5/11
    • Nudity? Yes
    • DRM? No


    • Masturbation Instruction
    • Orgasm Control
    • Financial Domination



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