Welcome Home my Pets. Finally your 

Goddess has granted her Poor

    Little piglets an opportunity

to catch up on all that is Glorious

in MY world.

Why? Because I thought you pathetic fuckers deserved a lil' pat on the back from ME.

Welcome home boys and girls.


Get out your wallet and get down






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Humiliating your N*gg*R Girlfriend. Look at her NOW look at Me **request**

  • Humiliating your N*gg*R Girlfriend. Look at her NOW look at Me **request**

    GF Humiliation Look at her Now Look at Me REQUEST: Your one Pathetic fucking , I have none this for a long time, spending all your cash on my clips and gift for your Goddess just so you can worship at my feet and adore my beautiful lily white Ass! Today the fun isn’t about you loser, no I want to have some fun with that piece of Sh.it Black N*gger GF you have! Look at her, now look back at me, the difference are startling I am absolutely perfect, my skin so soft and clear, unlike hers that is oily and greasy and blotchy in some places, my little white nose sits perfectly on my face, certainly NOT TO BIG or WIDE like hers, when I look at your GF that is all I see, is her big FAT Nose, I hardly notice her plain pitch black eyes, or Puffy Fat bottom lip. I stick my bottom lip out and make fun of her even further showing you and you just how stupid you two fucks look with those Big swollen lips and noses! Then it’s time to examine the body, and oh what a body it is, All natural 34D tits sit so nice and perky, I know they have your mouth watering just looking at them, you don’t want to see those furry nipples any more, they don’t only turn you OFF but God they are Nasty! You could serve coffee on those Nipples they are the size of two small Purple Plates! The cruel degrading goes on and on as I compare by tight, sweet smelling pussy to her musky hair purple lipped vagina, she is either greasy or ashy there is no in-between, she can’t just wake up and be perfect like me Goddess B, with my long soft hair and beautiful body there is nothing to compare she isn’t even in the same league as me…now here you are left with a hard cock in need of More humiliation, enjoy as I be little that Brown cow you call a GF, running my fingers through my soft silky hair and mocking you both knowing you could not only NEVER run your fingers through her Nappy Weave, but you could also NEVER get a chance to touch an Aryan Goddess like Me! I am the Supreme Goddess of Perfection from my head down to my toes I have owned you time and time again…now get down and Praise the Goddess of Perfection and BEG FOR MERCY for all of your imperfections. You could NEVER be good enough for me! But you can almost Diie trying to amuse Me! Dance Monkey DANCE!! Hahahahaaa So CRUEL and SADISTIC Don’t miss this Clip! This clip contains Racial Abuse, Race play, Racial domination, verbal domination, Aryan Queen, Femdom POV, findom, Powerful Goddess, worship, Humiliation, domination, cock tease, laughter, bitchy princess, brat girl, white, leather, abuse, close up, ass worship, tit worship, hair, hair brushing, fetish, mock, and so MUCH MORE!

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    • Price: $4.99
    • Filesize: 181.5 MB
    • Length: 8:15
    • Created: 10/19/11
    • Nudity? No
    • DRM? No


    • Racial Play
    • Race Play
    • Female Supremacy



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