Welcome Home my Pets. Finally your 

Goddess has granted her Poor

    Little piglets an opportunity

to catch up on all that is Glorious

in MY world.

Why? Because I thought you pathetic fuckers deserved a lil' pat on the back from ME.

Welcome home boys and girls.


Get out your wallet and get down






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Getting Fucked by GoddessB!

  • Getting Fucked by GoddessB!

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    Getting Fucked by Goddess B You have been my little Pet for a while now, as we work together I have slowly taking control of your life, sucked you into my little sadistic world and now I have you eating from the shoes that you pay for and sucking cold coffee for my stocking and toes. I pushed you even further, I wanted to see just how twisted it could get, I started draining you brutally…multiple times a day as I would dangle my heels from my feet at my desk I could watch you jerking your dick in your office, practically drooling over my feet and nylons…once, twice, no three is more like…again and again I would drain you! Then when I was bored with teasing you from a far, I decided it was time to come in nice and close…pushing your limits as far as I believed they could…I made you suck my Big Black Cock. Worship my thick dick and swallow my huge load…testing the waters with a little “made bi” I realized how eager you were to please me and choke down my dick like it’s a steak. I loved every moment of control you, forcing you to stroke your dick as I thrust my cock into your mouth…I loved it so much I have to have MORE…The Goddess of Perfection you Keeper of course, wants to see how far you will go…I want to make your fantasies come true, I am giving you a chance to get FUCKED by me…Yes it’s true! I am going to FUCK your brains out my little Pet, fuck you so hard you squeal and cry out loud…for more!! Now be a good boy and Bend Over…Oh you didn’t think you were getting some of my Tight little pussy did you? Don’t be silly little loser! Your certainly not worthy of my little cunt but you can gladly take my Purple Dildo. I won’t be to brutal don’t worry, my SMALLEST cock for you THIS TIME! Open Up and SPREAD IT WIDE Goddess B is going to split you in two!

    This clip contains Made Bi, Gay fantasy, Strap on, Cock Worship, Dildo, Femdom, Findom, POV, extreme humiliation, Domination, bitchy princess, stockings, body suit, high heels, ass worship, tease, cock tease, deny, cum eating instruction, masturbation instruction, cum draining, financial domination, control, powerful goddess, hypnotic, and MUCH MORE! !

    Sexxybrandon@gmail.com Worship the Goddess of Perfection and feed your addiction!

    Video Info

    • Price: $9.99
    • Filesize: 267.9 MB
    • Length: 16:15
    • Created: 10/12/11
    • Nudity? Yes
    • DRM? No


    • Coerced Gay
    • Masturbation Instruction
    • Orgasm Control



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