Welcome Home my Pets. Finally your 

Goddess has granted her Poor

    Little piglets an opportunity

to catch up on all that is Glorious

in MY world.

Why? Because I thought you pathetic fuckers deserved a lil' pat on the back from ME.

Welcome home boys and girls.


Get out your wallet and get down






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Church of Brandon Time to serve Slaves

  • Church of Brandon Time to serve Slaves

    Welcome each one of you pathetic mother fuckers to my Church...Where you have the chance to WORSHIP and OBEY a REAL GODDESS...Not some bullshit you have read in the Fucking Quran...No NO NO there will be no more of this shit...I own you now, you are all members of my Church...you Will make your Donations, and of course say your prayers that are hand written by me...I demand you to repeat after me as I belittle your fucking Allah and Quran for its lies and bullshit...you really want to follow the word of a kid Fucker??? I fucking think so you Muslim Pig Faggot...You are mine now...my new little Arab Doggie, my perfect little Fucking Sand N*****...you can no longer think for yourself...your under my total control...you simple watch in Awwwww as I destroy and burn your precious fucking Quran...stomping out the whats left of the pages and using it as my ashtray just like I use your filthy fucking Brown bodies...you are all filthy little fuckers...soon I will have total control over you, your family, your freinds...even your religious leaders will turn to the powerful Goddess Madam B for answers...Her word is good and PERFECT just as she is...Now get back down on your fucking hands knees you pathtic Sand N*****....I want your fucking money...I want ALL THE PRESENTS from my Wishlist...and most of all I want to see you down, naked, face to the floor, hands behind your back...Worshipping me and all my fucking Glory...Watch out Mother Fuckers there is a New Goddess in town and she isn't fucking around...Email me if you dare with a request....NOTHING IS FREE so dont bother asking if you thats what your looking for...Something this perfect is going to cost a fucking asshole like you some CASH and PRESENTS! Sexxybrandon@gmail.com

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    • Price: $4.99
    • Filesize: 169.4 MB
    • Length: 8:00
    • Created: 2/12/11
    • Nudity? No
    • DRM? No


    • Female Domination
    • Arab
    • Humiliation



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