Welcome Home my Pets. Finally your 

Goddess has granted her Poor

    Little piglets an opportunity

to catch up on all that is Glorious

in MY world.

Why? Because I thought you pathetic fuckers deserved a lil' pat on the back from ME.

Welcome home boys and girls.


Get out your wallet and get down






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Bratty Sebina demands you to Worship her BIG FEET (mp4)

  • Bratty Sebina demands you to Worship her BIG FEET (mp4)

    Princess Sebina is a Longtime friend from grade school and when we get a chance to spend time together we always make sure to take Full advantage, we haven’t seen each other in years, and had so much catching up to do, I told her ALL about my little Minions and how they were such little Foot Sluts & dirty Sole Lickers she giggled and relished at the idea of forcing one of you pathetic little minions or even better ALL OF YOU to your hands and knees, kissing and caressing her soft milky white soles…Your little dick throbs in your palm as you creep closer and closer to her Big Size 10 Feet, she put on her Knee high Stockings and Bright Blue Patent leather heels giggling as she reminds you of your place, telling you when you have come to close and heading her beautiful big feet beneath her soft nylons to keep them safe and hidden from your Pervy eyes…No you only get a small taste of Princess Sebina in this clip her Big Beautiful feet, soft purple painted toes, and long Milky legs you will be Begging For More!!! I suggest you take FULL Advantage of her time on my side of the Coast over the next few weeks!!!THIS IS HER FIRST CLIP EVER! I THINK SHE IS A NATURAL WALLET DESTROYER! Email Us Sexxybrandon@gmail.com This clip contains Foot Domination, Nylon Encasement, toes/spreading/wiggling/pointing, Hosiery, Panty hose Domination, Upskirt, Big Feet, High heels, Leather, Pumps, female domination, foot slave training, and More! Always accepting PAID Custom Clip Request TRIBUTE THROUGH PAYONEER.COM All you need is my email, see above! $100 Minimum for solo 10 mins or More Rates go up depending on Content, Nudity, and Length. Double TROUBLE Fun will Cost you Extra TRIBUTE $175 FOR Princess SeBina and GoddessB together (Absolutely NO NUDITY TOGETHER DON’T ASK!)

    This is One HOT CLIP you can get for HALF THE PRICE here and ONLY HERE !

    Video Info

    • Price: $2.99
    • Filesize: 62.2 MB
    • Length: 4:00
    • Created: 1/18/12
    • Nudity? No
    • DRM? No


    • Foot Domination
    • Foot Fetish
    • Foot Humiliation



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